E-Learning Classroom:

The TNMEMS & JC school building of has been specially designed to give it a contemporary, stylish and international look. It is a huge building within a sprawling campus. The classrooms are well ventilated with white boards and flannel boards to provide an ideal sanctum for academic progress to take place.



Computer Lab

The age of technology is upon us and it is becoming increasingly difficult for someone to function without knowledge of computers. At TNMEMS & JC, we realize this and have a state-of-the-art computer lab in the school premises. The computer lab is furnished with adequate number of latest PCs which have all the required software installed. This lab is specially designed to educate the students with the latest technology so that the children get comfortable with technology from a young age.

Laboratories and Library

Well equipped Science laboratories, Maths laboratory, Computer Lab for Teachers and Library well-stocked with books and periodicals.






Student Assistance

To help our students get a better understanding of the subject topic they are being taught in, teachers are going to set aside extra hours after regular school hours. During this time period, the students have the opportunity to interact with the teacher on a one-on-one basis. This will help the particular student clear the doubts and help acquire proper understanding of the topic being taught.


First Aid

The First Aid there is a nursing kit for immediate treatment of minor ailments and injuries.
Admissions Open

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