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TNMEMS & JC is located at Samarth Nagar, New Sangvi. The complete building includes creation of a separate entrance and dedicated elevators for the school. Millennium’s mission is to create and maintain an environment that supports learning for all. Exploration and inquiry are important. Every member of the school community is encouraged to strive for excellence.

The TNMEMS & JC faculty is young, energetic, and highly qualified, holding undergraduate and graduate degrees from top institutions across the country. In the year 2012 the school has received the best School Award from PCMC. We inspire all our children to learn, hope, dream, appreciate, create, innovate, excel and contribute. The School also inculcates in every child, love for the rich cultural heritage of India and a commitment to serve the Community and Nation.

We value:


We provide responsible and timely suggestions whenever needed.


We use diverse approaches to teaching and learning and promote respect for diverse perspectives.


We encourage the development and implementation of innovative teaching projects or learning materials, by individuals or departments.


We are reflective and critical in practice and take action to improve our own expertise. We keep pace with the latest developments in the field of education.


We encourage open discussion about teaching, and use our interactive website to promote communication among teachers and students.


We promote collegiality among teachers, and work to develop a climate that is supportive of collaboration among the teaching and learning community at this school.


We demonstrate integrity in our relationships with other educational developers, colleagues, faculty, staff, students, and administrators. We promote an ethical practice.


We engage in ongoing professional development and maintain the highest possible standards of practice.

Management Committee

Mr. Laxmanji Jagtap   Mr. Vijay (Anna) Jagtap   Mr. Shankar Jagtap
Chairman   Vice-President   Secretary
Mr. Arun Pawar   Mr. Raju Lokhande   Dr. Vikas Pawar
Member   Member   Member
Mr. Chandrakant Indure   Mr. Ajit Kankariya   Mr. Suryakant Gophane
Member   Member   Member
Admissions Open

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